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Dynomutt, Dog Wonder 1x5

The Harbor Robber

Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder run afoul of Fishface, an aquatic creep, who schemes to bleed dry the rich cargoes passing in and out of Big City Harbor. This fishy fiend then squeezes Big City dry of its lifesupporting oil and demands $15 million in order to ransom it. Blue Falcon manages to talk The Mayor into paying the ransom by way of a falcon scheme to nab Fishface; unfortunately, this scheme backfires when Dog Wonder and Blue Falcon are captured and are about to become shark bait. They nevertheless escape via an Dyno Power Pack, and Dynomutt, turning into a giant fishing pole (how symbolic!), manages to reel in Fishface and put him out of circulation

Oct. 09, 1976

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder season 1

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